Wednesday, January 13, 2010

year of to get her ness..

hi ppl..

well.. life has been..
me n nad gatting way better.. and guess wat!!
gg to be a year of us together..
i cnt recall when was the last tyme
i had a relationship this long..
but wad the heck..
im freakin happy!!

tot of doing sumting special..

cracking my brain lor..
somemore her birthday coming..
wanna give her a shock of her life..


Monday, December 7, 2009

Nervous like a rat

If you saw my headliner..
yes,someone is nervous like a rat..
BUT hey dont look at me..

gurlfiee starts werk today..
i met her up at 6 just to send her to work..
saw her smiles in the morning..
and just as i thought..
was still sweet..{her smile}

went to bouna vista(sorry fer the wrong typing ain't use to all this complicated words)
had breakfast there..
the otak2 frm old chang kee was superb..
i sent her to the bustop..

when the bus arrive..
she gave me a KISS on my cheeks..
and i return the favour..
waiting for this evening when i pick her up from werk..


Thursday, November 26, 2009

my biggest mistake..

aku menyesal..

aku hampir2 kehilangan org yg aku syg..
how could i be selfish?
i juz hope i wont lose her..
ily b..